Youtube Honored Video!

Yesterday, I put up a couple of brief videos of Atari Jaguar games, as part of my "Know Your Console" page. I noticed that the Rayman video already had 20 views, which I thought was odd. So, I looked around to try and find out why it had so many views, like if someone had linked it from somewhere, or someone was just watching it over and over and over for some reason. That's when I came across this:

"Honors for this video (1)
#94 - Most Viewed (Today) - Gaming - South Korea"

That's right, baby! My Rayman video is the 94th most watched gaming video in all of South Korea for today!

You, too, can see what's got the South Korean gaming video watching community all worked up into a storm!

That's just the beginning, I know it! I'm not going to stop until I get the 37th most watched video in the Seychelles!

Now this is what I call service...

I just bought some games off eBay. Check out the great deal I'm getting on shipping...

For only $4.50, they're going to send my games through a quantum vortex, so that I can get them the day before they ship them to me. How -awesome- is that?

More Awesome Let Loose.

We released two more toolbars today.

The one everyone is most excited about is the "Seasons Toolbar". It's all fancy and blue and stuff, and has links to iTunes music and movies, as well as Christmas-y wallpapers and recipes.

However, it's the Trivia Toolbar that I think I'll keep. I got 4/5 on both the William Shatner and Alan Thicke quizzes, so I'd like to see you all beat that! You can even win real money from it! As I type this, the prize is up to more than $72, and that can be yours!

Go download and share! Let us know what you think of them and what you'd like to see them do!, Powered by Awesome

We just launched, a new search engine with an interesting new style of toolbar to go with it. Gone is the boring Google bar, we've got slidey-bits and rollovers and animations and all sorts of other good stuff.

Out of the gate, we've got two toolbars.
One full of desktop wallpapers
And one full of recipes (just in time for Thanksgiving!).
Give them a try and let us know what you think, and also what you'd like to see in the future! We're going to be spitting out new types of toolbars and new things to add to the toolbars you've already gotten.

And if you're not interested in toolbars, try out the site itself: It's certainly more colourful than other search engines.