Kalrac (kalrac) wrote,

VP Debate

So, in order to avoid looking foolish by not knowing the answer to a question, all you have to do is pretend the question was something you know the answer to, and answer it in that way.

"What do you think about bankruptcy?"
"My position on energy policy is..."

"What campaing promises won't you be able to keep given the events of the past week?"
"John McCain doesn't flip-flop, and have I told you about energy?"

"Does McCain support carbon caps?"
"Drill, baby, drill!"

"Do you have a plan to exit Iraq?"
"John McCain supported the surge and the surge worked!"

"When should nuclear weapons be used?"
"Nuke-you-lar weapons are bad and terrorists want them."

"How would your administration, should you be elevated, be different from McCain's?"

"What's your Achilles' Heel?"
"My strong executive experience will serve me well as vice president. And America is a shining city on a hill!"
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