Kalrac (kalrac) wrote,

A Blemish on a Night of History

On the very same night that Barack Obama was proving that America has realized the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., California was proving that there are still an unfortunate number of people who refuse to move beyond their fears. It was overshadowed by the blowout victory of President Obama, but California Propostion 8 passed. Prop 8 was an initiative to create a constitutional ban on gay marriage in the State of California. They've now made intolerance and discrimination a state law.

Your marriage does not need defending against gays anymore than white people need to be defended against blacks. I don't feel personally threatened that a black man has become president in any way. There's no destruction of my identity, no fear that I'm now an endangered species. I feel elated that we finally have someone smart who'll be running the country. It's the same with gay marriage. There's no threat to me. It's not going to change who I am, it's not going to destroy my love for some woman just because two men can say "I Do". I'd feel elated that two people have found love and wish to share it openly.

This is one issue where I disagree with the new president's stand. He does not support gay marriage, instead, he supports civil unions. They're kinda like marriage, but they're not. I do not understand how he can possibly stand for something that is essentially a rerun of "Separate But Equal". (For the record, he did oppose Prop 8.)

This is the next battle to be fought. I hope it doesn't take 40 years like the last one.
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