Kalrac (kalrac) wrote,

Nation.com, Powered by Awesome

We just launched Nation.com, a new search engine with an interesting new style of toolbar to go with it. Gone is the boring Google bar, we've got slidey-bits and rollovers and animations and all sorts of other good stuff.

Out of the gate, we've got two toolbars.
One full of desktop wallpapers
And one full of recipes (just in time for Thanksgiving!).
Give them a try and let us know what you think, and also what you'd like to see in the future! We're going to be spitting out new types of toolbars and new things to add to the toolbars you've already gotten.

And if you're not interested in toolbars, try out the site itself: http://www.nation.com It's certainly more colourful than other search engines.
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